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encore une excellente idée à Sakib Rasool, bon là on est encore une fois à la limite du matériel et surtout du ciel que j’ai à Orange.

Son commentaire : 1. G156.2+5.7 in Auriga: 04 58 51.31 +51 50 28.0
One of the most spectacular supernova remnants, which was the first supernova remnant to be discovered in xrays by the ROSAT satellite in 1991. However the faint optical shell wasn’t discovered until 2006! Its size is about 2 degrees and would require long Ha and OIII exposures. Interestingly, it lies in front of a large complex of dusty dark nebulae including LDN 1438 and LDN 1439. The supernova remnant might be interacting with the clouds. You could do two versions of this area, a normal LRGB that shows the dark nebulae and a narrowband that highlights G156.2+5.7. You can read more here: http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0608522

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