A new candidate supernova remnant G 70.5+1.9


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Bon avec un télescope ouvert à F9 c’est pas gagné ! je lui ai trouvé un petit nom sympa : Patrick l’étoile de mer

Source Sakib RASOOL

G70.5+1.9 in Cygnus: 20 01 00.00 +33 54 42.0
A bright candidate supernova remnant that was discovered in 2009 and somehow eluded detection previously! It measures approximately 5×3 arcminutes and its beautiful structure consists of a series of interlocking elongated and curved filaments with its southern rim being the brightest part. Long Ha and OIII exposures reveal a lot more detail and nebulosity in the surrounding area. OIII in particular reveals an impressive tail structure with a length of 8 arcminutes that extends to the left. The field of view also includes many emission nebulae to the south such as NGC 6857 and Sh2-100 and the planetary nebula IPHASX J195958.2+332939. A NOAO image: https://www.noao.edu/image_gallery/html/im1251.html

Une image haute résolution : https://www.noao.edu/image_gallery/html/im1251.html

J’ai réussi à trouver une étude sur ce possible rémanent de supernovae :

A new candidate supernova remnant G 70.5+1.9

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