SNR G065.2+05.7 HOO-rgb

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Cette image du rémanent de supernovae SNR G065.2+05.7 est une petite partie de cet ensemble immense.


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Little Veil Nebula (SNR G065.2+05.7)

G65.2+5.7 is a SNR in the constellation of Cygnus, similar to the well known Cygnus Loop. It was discovered 1977 by T.R. Gull and covers an area of about 3.5° x 4.0°. Because of G65.3+5.7 large distance (about 2500 lightyears) and higher age (about 30’000 years), the filaments are very faint. Parts of the filametary structures have been catalogued as SH2-91, SH2-94 and SH2-96.